choose your life mondays #1 (yes i know it's tuesday)

so I found this lovely activity on Jennifer the Comfort Queen's Blog

and I think I shall start because recently I was told to stop driving the bus, and get out of the way and I know this will help with all of that.

How is my Intention for the month supporting me?
Since I am new to this I did not realize I had to have an intention...however I have been playing with PLAY so I shall make that my intention. I think PLAY is supporting me to not take life so seriously, I've been dancing a bit more and when I don't know what to focus on for my business I have surrendered to outside, books, a movie here and there and art.

How do I want Joy to lighten this week?
So I feel as if I am tittering on the edge of a big giant change and I want to find ways to delight in looking over the precipice and to tease my way into falling forward instead of back into the known. I think the idea that laughter and games awaits me on the other side is a nice carrot to dangle. This week I shall find people to laugh with!

Who or What is giving me energy?
Art... randomly picking up scraps of paper and doodling is helping me this week.

What quality would I like to call in from the Divine (nature, love, spirit, something larger than me)?
Grace. I so desire to move out of these stories that are keeping me small and in a state of financial chaos. I know I can survive the next incarnation of me, and I know it will be easier on some level but I just can't get myself to fall forward into it. I am so attached to being poor and small and invisible... Grace to embrace the changes occurring and allow myself to surrender and let go with out the kicking and the thrashing out and the pain I am currently experiencing.

May it be so!