it's monday!

time to manifest

how is grace supporting me?
it is helping me dance through the freak out of very few clients coming in
it is helping me see financial challenges and part of growing up and learning opportunities instead of oh f*** moments
it is finding me a new opening that i LOVE LOVE LOVE and cannot wait to bring into this world
it is bringing me moments of grace which makes everything feel easier

how do i want grace to lighten my issues?
i can use some more peace around not making enough money to live on
it can bring my partner a job
it can dance some more clients into my awareness
it can help me create the curriculum for the Muse project

who or what is giving me energy?
those amazing women who just walked the 60 miles for breast cancer
bollywood films... dancing in my very lame way throughout the day

what quality would i like to call in?
i could use some faith, trust and hope to get through my money mindset
also i'd like some energy and feeling tapped and not sure what's up with that, so clarity on what i need change, or who zapped me or just more energy.