how is my intention for the month supporting me?
since tomorrow is Sept I am picking a new intention... GRACE. i need some bad. some grace to roll with the punches and who whisks in when things are **** and offers hope, ease and insight.

how do i want joy to lighten the issues?
i've come tot this place in my story line where i see where i am, i see where i want to be and i am trying to act in accordance with the new story line... but there is the tinyHUGEtiny leap that needs to happen. something is keeping me in the old pattern.

i would like joy to shine some insight on this. or at least provide me with a week full of laughter and fun.

who or what is giving me energy?
the early morning walk in the fog, watching the mist swirl and the dew gather on plants and spider webs.

exercise, sweat and stretching. trying to come back into my body and relearn what it is capable of doing.

what quality would i like to call in?
i need a dose of hope. i am so tired of this being so hard and feeling like i am not getting anywhere.

i could be show progress through the eyes of another
or i could get a genius insight
or the right thing could come my way like this video