a new thing


an you can play too here is what i want: can things please start being easier?

ways this could happen: i could realize my great fortune and lesson in being right here clients could book appointments with me someone will want to do free work for me random unknown ways strange acts of kindness and abundance could happen i could win the lottery (without buying a ticket)

what i don't want: "helpful" suggestions from people "useful" ideas that don't relate to me one thing i did stories shoulds as in "you should" or "have you tried" (cause that is just a hidden should

my commitment: i promise to have gratitude for any and all incoming information i promise to act on any information that feels correct i will reciprocate random acts of kindness and generosity i will be amazing and helpful to the new clients and there will be so much gratitude for them showing up i shall dance the dance of shiva and get all giggly and hopefully epiphanied

please feel free to post your own version of asking in the comments. I got this brilliant idea from the ever brilliant Havi of The Fluent Self. and if you aren't following her blog yet... well you are missing out.