friday #9 the WTF edition

wow can i just say what a week! the hard

leaving-suddenly-like wtf kinda sudden

getting hit over the head by the universe

having my space energetically taken over

holding feelings of anger and resentment and confusion and not knowing how to process them cuz i kinda hate to deal with all those loverly feelings

the good

i manifested 9 clients on my own and not a one of them found me via helle. YAY!

my clients rock!

altar candles seem to be my new path to awesome.

i have sold enough gift certificates to pay for a third of my business trip! assuming i get in. if i don't i will save it for a later one. thank you to everyone that helped me out i very much love and adore you! and i will pass on the awesome to all of you!

knowing that i don't need to, nor do i want to talk to dead people to be an awesome psychic. there are other ways, other paths...

the clarity and confidence that comes with really hard moments of struggle and turmoil and frustration. those are beautiful moments.