Friday #10 bright sunny day!

oh my it is so warm i had to come inside to escape the heat! HURRAY! the hard

trying to stuff everything back into my tiny house that used to live in other spaces.

figuring out what to keep, what to purge, what to hold on to.

how easy the transition is... it kinda terrifies me and i keep waiting for the hard, ugly monsters to rear their mighty heads and roar.

having a magical puppy leave us to frolic in the energetic realm.

the good

my new clients who rock my world and have amazing spaces that i get to work in OMG!

meeting client's moms and getting to work on them and give them a little love, and a lot of appriciation.

new fun dresses (that are actually pajamas but i'm telling no one)

watching my kitty bliss out on sunshine and the rough texture of landscaping bricks.

getting things done dates! yay! stuff gets done!

tremendous outpouring of love and support from family, spouse, clients and friends.

salad! YUM!