Friday #13 sooper secret

once again a glorious post all about me! weeeee! and you can play too by writing all about you in the comments! the hard

being woken up by evil cackling of crows [at 5 am or earlier]

having sooper secret projects and wanting them to work right now damn it

finshing up other projects and wanting them to be done right now damn it

damn it :D

pulling my psoas and being in SO MUCH PAIN. i remember pain, i have no love of pain. stupid blackberries of doom! must remember never tackle blackberries alone, there will be pain.

the good

magical reflexology which totally fixed psoas and made pain go away. i worked on myself but mainly it was my friend who made it all better!

the alley is spanky clean and sans blackberries which makes it look less yuckified

SOOOPER SECRET PROJECT HORRAY! which will be not secret by next week! *cross fingers*

art! doing art for my website! painting! yay color!

new people coming to see me! i love new peoples! i love being found [mostly]!

inspiration to dig up my entire yard and plant food... yum food! and dig a root cellar and can things and generally be domestic and a farm wife! where are my chickens? sorry can't talk i'm making jam! the joy! the work! the... who am i kidding, however there is some "grass" that is mainly dandelions that now have a limited life as anything other than next years spinach, broccoli, tomato and pumpkin patch. and maybe this falls kale, spinach, and chard patch :D

have a glorious 4th of july weekend! go blow things up responsibly. hey america you are 234 and that is kinda cool.