more praise for shiva

here is yet another dance of shiva ramble i think the important thing with the dance of shiva is finding someone to flail around with. i have been much more consistent in my practice since i have started meeting once a week or every other week with my friend. plus there is hysterical laughter, great conversation and exclamations of "Ack! OMG! i had it for like 10 seconds, i was doing it!"

before that i would really only use it when i was down in the dumps or at various really random moments.

i just figured out recently that shiva really helps me integrate and form my to-do list. although it also inspires brand new projects with other to-do lists--crazy!

but if i feel stuck i will often just run through the horizontal and vertical arm positions and maybe wave my arms around wildly in a non-patterned way (which is probably against some rules and i am killing rare birds in mongolia with mad flailing uncontrolled) shoot! now i am worried i cause the oil spill with my disrespect of shiva's pattern and form. well i can flail some more then and create the solution too.

i bought the book + dvd cux i love Havi and her book helped me at first.... i  need to go back and read more but that's ok--learning the theory and reading take second to actually showing up for myself and flailing my arms about.

Havi repeatedly talks about how hard it is. it's not actually hard, the hard is surrendering to the fact that you have no control over your own body, and that you are supposed to do it wrong. that you aren't supposed to understand and that you are always just reacting. and yes that sucks, and is hard, but it's great practice for real life. and it gives your arms a kick-ass work out and toning-in 3 days i hardly recognized my arms-no gym work out gave me that. stupid gym!

below is  a link  in case you want to read more or buy your own copy to flail along with. someday i am hoping to see Havi and Selma doing their own video, even though i love Andre he is so good and beautiful and precise that he's hard to relate to. doing shiva live with Havi and Selma in the room was a relief my brain and body said "oh thank god! this can be fun and i don't have to look like a master of martial arts, i can have boobs and funky shoulders and still have radical epiphanies. YAY!"

the god of destruction wants to tear down old pattern and build you a brand new shiny infrastructure full of options... why aren't you clicking that link and buying things.

enough with the blabbering!

oh wait one more thing... Havi is working on a new project/ebook thinger about shiva and the levels, so if you care about stuffs like levels and mastering things, help and directions are coming soon.

since  finding someone to destroy and rebuild the world with is cool, my friend and i meet pretty regularly in the mornings here in seattle. if you live here or are in town and want to play contact me and we will make it happen!