branching out

on my mind a lot has been the discovery and rediscovery of how important spirit and ritual are to me. i have been playing a lot with a wonderful woman down in Portland(ia), Havi and her business partner Selma the duck. Havi has been pivotal in helping me ground and reconnect with my sense of joy, my own process and helping me unravel my stuck and patterns. plus she runs a playground works to show me how can i safely play with all the things that keep me stuck.

very recently i've been feeling a little lack (stuck) in the work i was doing with her.

in fact as i was working on the book of me at the last rally i had an aha moment where i realized what was missing was a connection to all i learned before i found Havi and Selma.

to shamanism, and faery doctoring, and celtic seasons, and tarot.

i had this belief that in order to learn and embody Havi's work i had to leave that other stuff behind and just do things the way Havi does things.

and it worked really, really good for about a year and half.

and just recently it fell apart.

and then i noticed the pattern.

no where, ever does Havi state it's my way or the highway.

no where ever does she give a rule book.

in fact i'd bet that Havi probably sorta hates rule books. she gives tips and suggestions and nudges and coloring sheets-that you could color in but you could also decoupage them or make origami things out of them.

and if she knew that i was about to start rewriting everything she's ever given me in my head so that it included things that work for me like lighting candles and praying to the moon and re-arranging the altar, she'd dance with me.

because i just rewrote a pattern and Havi loves it when people rewrite patterns.

hello pattern, thank you for helping learn this new stuff and now let's dance and integrate and shift and shimmy and play!

the last 3 times i have been to the playground Havi has read this quote but this time it stuck and expanded and fractal flowered out of control.

there are more possible connections in the human brain than atoms in the universe.

i can branch out and include and ritualized and adapt and morph and expand and, and, and...

shift happens

everything is connected

i can want what i want

i can include it all and add more on top of it

and now i'm ready to embrace all of this beautiful content on an ever deeper layer of awesome!

where are you running up against patterns and how can you expand or play or change them?