there comes a time in every learning process when you realize you have just surpassed your instructor. and it's sort of a moment of panic.

because how could you, the student, ever surpass your instructor? and where do you go when there is nothing else to learn form this teacher?

in someways this is the moment of so many things colliding, it's an opportunity to strip away everything you think you know and start right over again, learning and unlearning and refining your wisdom.

i've had this experience in many places but the most obvious for me, has been tarot-which has offered 4+ rounds of learning and unlearning.

first i studied myself, discovery + book

then i studied with a teacher and memorized things

then i looked at the cards from other traditions, like shamanism and symbolism and archetypes

then i trusted the cards to just speak to me-which meant i had to unlearn and let go of those trusted memorized definitions

today in a tarot reading i pull from all of these levels of learning and speak what arrives. sometimes it's the story i memorized with my teachers, sometimes it's a cultural story, sometimes it's a personal story-most times it's a mix of everything.

the more you can unlearn what you think you know the more you see all ways are correct and valid.

now i am embarking on a new level of learning the cards, dropping into the image and symbolism. it is such a fun ride. each deck is so unique and yet so overlapping.

if you can embrace the panic that comes when you realize you are done learning one way, so much can open up to be experienced.

any good teacher would encourage you to fly away. a great teacher might give you a nice shove out the door. and an exceptional teacher will close the door on you but  ask you to return and share your discoveries with them.

so don't be afraid of this moment where you realize you've surpassed this teacher. if you desire there are many more ways to unravel everything you thought you learned and learn it again a new way.

share your stories in the comments!

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