things i know about... doors

last week i was at rally! and i very specifically chose not to work on business. of coarse by doing this i realized all these things i know about that relate to both personal and business. so here we start with things i realized i knew about doors.

a door is an entry and an exit, and it is both simultaneously

nature makes some doors, man makes some doors, faeries make some doors and magic makes other doors

sometimes doors are windows and sometimes windows are doors

doors are boundaries

they are opening and closing

some doors are invisible to the eyes

some doors lead to unexpected places

some doors are colorful, some doors are missing altogether but are still there

some doors are old and some new

some doors have knockers, some have peep holes

doors can be potential for change

some doors are welcoming, some are creepy, some are haunted, some shiny

some doors lead to no where

doors are threshold of change

doors are liminal spaces

there are doors EVERYWHERE and we can use them to change everything. having a bad day, walk through a door and leave the yuck behind. need a new idea open a door and step through into the solution.

how can you start using doors to change everything in your life?