77 lentils

Havi does this thing for American Thanksgiving. The Lentil Game, aka the Ungratitude Game. or sunset over bellingham bay

her list of 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck. and I want to play! even though Thanksgiving has been done for a few days... I still have left overs so it counts.

  1. making soup stock from bones... weird but what magic
  2. my husband
  3. having a family i want to spend time with
  4. having in-laws i missed spending time with
  5. dessert, i don't indulge often and i love it when i have the excuse
  6. chaos: the cat and sometimes the state of being
  7. cosmos: the cat and the state of being
  8. flowers... i got flowers last week TWICE!
  9. friends!
  10. morgana queen of the faeries and lyric maven and master storyteller
  11. helle
  12. danielle who owns helle
  13. the other danielle, my healer type person
  14. healer type people of all sorts
  15. MOVIES!
  16. buffy the vampyre slayer
  17. books you can read in a day
  18. reading a whole book in one day
  19. TEA
  20. jasmine tea
  21. scones
  22. clothes
  23. soft blankets
  24. the smell of onions sauteing
  25. a good dal makani
  26. digging in my garden
  27. harvesting food from my garden
  28. eating food from my garden
  29. the 'crack' strawberries that grow in my yard-yes they are that good
  30. dinner parties-how can i have them more
  31. that click that happens when teaching and you see the students eyes light up with understanding
  32. nectarines
  33. blueberries
  34. picking blackberries-prickly but fun
  35. that i grow raspberries from may-november in seattle -how? i say thank you a lot
  36. faeries
  37. feng shui
  38. colors
  39. magic
  40. miracles
  41. music
  42. silence
  43. art
  44. paint
  45. sunrises and sunsets
  46. my hands
  47. that my hands create so much beauty in the world
  48. recipes
  49. cook books
  50. treasure
  51. money-see this is a new one- i used to think money sucked and hated it... i am evolving
  52. dance of shiva-even though i don't do it often enough
  53. NIA
  54. another cup of tea
  55. changing my mind
  56. finding a new home in helle
  57. the possibility of getting to visit L.A. often
  58. possibilities
  59. making up random songs
  60. making random noises
  61. making a bed tent for chaos every winter morning
  62. my nieces and nephew-how i adore them and can't wait to see what's next
  63. my sister
  64. that my sister decorates amazing cakes
  65. IMAX movies
  66. tulips and all forms of bulbs that pop up in the spring
  67. paint to change the mood of any room with a new color
  68. christmas lights
  69. winter solstice
  70. beltaine and samhain
  71. pomegranets
  72. a good avacado
  73. those small sweet mangos
  74. ice cream
  75. new zealand
  76. hawaii
  77. travel-can i do more please

and there are so many, many more things like geeky tech people who know things and help me, and that place where the ocean meets the shore and hikes and waterfalls and blue eyes and dancing and horseback riding (which i have new really done)...

now the magic!

i woke up grumpy this morning and creating this list has totally transformed everything. am off to participate in my life.