precariously perched chaos

precariously perched chaos

today there's something new in the stories of my life department. there is a lot that can be said about chaos.

i named my cat chaos. partially to balance her black and white sister that we named cosmos and partly to  remind us that it is easy to fall in love with chaos (the cat and the energy) if you don't let her drive you batshit insane.

i find chaos (the energy) everywhere in my life these days and i've been reacting with such intense negativity that i found myself this week needing to take this to the garden and ponder it.

instead of embracing the minor small changes that really don't effect the whole of my day or life. i've been letting chaos pull on me and distract me and make me grumpy and unproductive. i let the chaos take away my bliss, or cover up my happy.

here's the story my work in the garden prompted me to remember: one day we couldn't find chaos (the cat) and it caused a lot of stress in our home. we could hear this weird noise downstairs in the basement of the house we were renting and we feared she had somehow crawled through a hole in our ceiling tiles into the garage which we did not have access too being that the owner stored his classic car there. we didn't know what to do, chaos had created chaos. we left to eat dinner and thought about what to do. when we went back downstairs we were greeted with a tiny cat head looking at us upside down from the ceiling. i wish more than anything that cellphones and their cameras had existed so that we might have captured this very brief moment of life. two paws curled over the lip f the tile and a tiny cat head looking back at us and all around.

chaos had found a perfect place for which to observe her downstairs kingdom and/or the possibly darkest place in the house if she moved deeper into the space.

this helped remind me that chaos  (the cat and the energy) can bring you moments of pure vivid joy and some confusion) that make you and your spouse laugh long and hard almost 17 years later.

chaos (the yucky stuck energy) can show you laughter, love, new creative solutions, people you might not have otherwise spoken too, love, tears and a reminder to look at things from a new perspective-whether it be looking down from the ceiling or perched precariously on knees chaos is here to stay so let's make the most of it!

everything will get done. stop creating stress. find a hole to take a nap in or possibly find a new place from which to observe the whole of the situation. it's hard to remember in the middle of life how lucky i am so these moments in the garden remembering funny stories and writing them up make all the yucky stress i've been piling onto my shoulders start to dissipate and melt.

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