this week i got a visit from focus in my quality exploration. focus loves microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. He adores turning all his attention to the very small, the detailed, the far away.

each drop, each strand in the web, is a call to his attention.

his attention can be captivated by one thing for an infinite amount of time.

focus tends to either dress immaculately in vintage suited with freshly pressed kerchief, a vest or suspenders or forgets to comb his hair for days on end and wears a mix of dirty jeans, pajama bottoms with t-shirts containing last nights dinner. Wherever his focus you can see it in his dress.

if you approach him during his contemplations and lay a hand upon his shoulder to get his attention you will often get a spark. his pent up energy reaching out to pull you in, or send you away.

focus is full of sparks. those moments of intensity that consume you and wrap you up in desire, longing ,intrigue and the need for answers. movement is all around him, even in complete stillness there is movement.

if you happen to capture his attention you will find yourself surrounded with such intensity you might feels as if caught int he spiders web.

it will be hard to take another lover after being with focus. on the positive side you will know yourself all the better for your time spent with him, and he is very clear in his devotion-that this is now and he will leave when his focus is pulled in another direction. enjoy your time spent in his company, but don't grow attached, for you will be the one to suffer. you cannot hold him, nor would you desire his company after trying to.

focus knows how to tango, speaks 37 languages (5 of them lost or dead ones) and has been to culinary school. he rarely used these skills but loves to take them out at times to clear off the dust gathered in his many skill collections. it reminds him of his time spent absorbing and learning and this leads him to yet another object of his devotion.

focus will consume you. and open you. and show you the world in tiny (huge) life changing bits.