a new quality


impatience wears tap shoes so you can hear her waiting. tap tap tippy tap she would like you to know she's not angry, she just needs to be moving. at all times. stillness is not an option.

you can watch her trying to be still. it is a symphony of twitches; hair twirling, gum smacking, skirt smoothing, foot dancing, until suddenly she explodes in a dance of rising and moving and doing something-anything. her whole countenance changes and she relaxes into the movement.

stillness is stress.

even her sleep and dreams are full of action and movement, she dreams of things she hasn't learned yet like tango and horseback riding and mastering a souffle.

impatience wears stripes with plaids and can't be bothered to plan or figure out things like outfits, or lunch dates, or meetings. these things are beyond her comprehension, i mean how do you know what you will want to wear for that occasion or where you will want to eat lunch or even if you will want to eat lunch, i mean maybe you had a ridiculously huge breakfast. really it is best to plan things with her for right now or 2 minutes from now.

jobs are trying for her. she easily out preforms most people and looks down in disgust at others lack of mastery or bored attitudes. she has systems for everything and finds ways to make anything go faster, take up less space and time, and function better. it is bewildering to her that she can get 8 hours of work done in 4 so why can't she get paid the full amount and go do other stuff the rest of the day?

impatience loves to roller skate really, really fast and totally would love to have roller derby be her job. that she could get behind totally-with enthusiasm. they get her inability to stand still and conform and go really fast. her derby name would be "in patient" ... she's taking you down! and sending you to the hospital baby!

she's not just flying through life, she has a photographic memory and loves seeing different part of the world or her home city. she tends to get snippy if you remember things wrong and try to explain to her how you are right. she does not tolerate this behavior at all and if you insist too loudly or push too hard your toes will get smashed under her tap shoe. she hates the phrase, "no, but really it's like this..."

impatience is happy to wait for things to arrive and understands that everything has a cycle and a time of rest and needs time to arrive. she will just be dancing, fidgeting or skating her way through the hours until it shows up.

when impatience arrives upon your doorstep it is best to grab your coat and take a walk. she will not easily sit and drink a cup of tea to catch up unless she arrives an hour before bed.

she's really not as grumpy as she's cracked up to be. there are so many negative emotions and associations around her. it is best to just put on your running shoes and try to keep up. you will learn a lot in her company and be glad of the time spent actually talking with her instead of trying to make her go away.

life is a blur of adventure with impatience.