tomorrow i am heading to one of my most favoritest places in the world! the playground with Havi! yay!rally-gator waiting for me at the playground! one of the things i adore most about Havi and rally! is the opportunity to practice conscious entry.

how do i want to enter this? isn't it funny how sometimes we don't ask that very important question. and Havi sends us beautiful email reminders that give all these different ways you might want to enter. (and exit because every exit is an entrance to the next space after all)

what i adore most is it reminds me to practice this in REAL LIFE because as we all know going on retreats, even if they are business related, are not real life in any way. except they are.


today i entered the garden and was distractible, when i realized i didn't know what i wanted from the day i stopped and re-entered with intention.

because intention is pure and utter magic

and the garden is where all my problems and fantasies play out and intermingle and turn into real life so it's super important for me to enter with some consciousness.

and now i am entering into the energy of travel and rally! and i'm sorting through the shoulds and the what ifs and leaving them all here because i want to enter this week with openness and possibility and play and connection.

because i am going to meet and interact with amazing people i have mostly only seen on the internets.

and it's rally! and rally! is the bestest place to practice anything so this week i am practicing entering and exiting and opening and connecting and hearing and accepting.