i love Havi and Shiva Nata i am so glad i found them on the internets!

here's to the wackiness of flailing my arms about for 3 minutes or less and it's incredible ability to move my crap and open my heart and make my shoulders less stone like

so prior to flailing my ares about i was down in the dumps. blah. unmotivated. exhausted. uninspired. a big poo-poo head. and now i am undoing all that with questions and flailing (not failing-flailing) because life is way more fun when you embrace your flailings

what do i need now? sleep the release of fear from my body help? space to relax into me more shiva nata some exercises and a hot tub

what is next? sleep letting thing percolate reminding myself to stop digging up the awesome seeds i have planted play! remembering what i do for play! walks in the fall leaves, collecting leaves.

umm seriously... to stop worrying about this question is the very best thing that could happen in my life right now

what would help me? walks sleeps to just STOP and breath, even for 5 minutes

what is missing? groundedness ease of mind, body and spirit grace solace boundaries FUN! PLAY! leaf kicking what do i forget to tell myself? life is about fun and taking things to seriously/stressing is how you get sick if god/spirit/universe really do exist then why am i fighting so hard when i can just ask them for help

what is the most important thing right now? sleep (i think there might be a repetitive pattern occurring here) playing at chopping down things in your yard walking in leaves dancing creating remembering to embrace grace asking the divine for help and receiving it

*look that heart is some of my new art and it's gonna live on my new website someday soon.