sometimes things need to be deconstructed before they can be constructed. these past few have been like that for me. cut it up, put it back together, cut it up again.

layers of discovery partnered with so much deconstruction and clean up. i am so tired. i slept 10 hours last night and i am ready for a nap right now-how is that possible?

i guess that is what happens when you realize you have + 5 open projects. crazy! (the pms ebook, a marketing ebook, a tarot ebook/class, a digestion ebook, a headache ebook, and various art projects and a faery thing that wants to talk)

closing doors is about pulling everything out sorting through and shoving some of it back in and then walking away right?

sometimes i wish i could just close the door with out the 12 step drama of edit, clean up, punctuate, edit, insert picture, make web thing, tweet, facebook, pray, sale, happy dance, edit, tweek, pray, sale, clean up loose ends, tweek, tweet, close the f'ing door all ready!

shot some video today :D i realized i really, really need another person to help as feet--well they have so many sides and really in order to do it right you have to be able to see my hand AND the foot i am reflexing on. so further delay in the red video but alas i know so much more for next time.

knowing #1: boobs are GIGANTIC don't shoot from the side

knowing #2: feet are complex and have many sides

knowing #3: i cannot help but make noises or say silly things when around others, oh who am i kidding i sit here all day making weird noises all alone! this is either charming or completely annoying.

so i am sending out a little prayer to help me find focus and some door closing abilities because although this is fun and fabulous it takes a lot of energy and leaves me little time to manifest clients so i can pay bills and buy flowers and eat yummy food. and i want all those things along with all these projects! i want it all! yay!