Pain Control Points

here are two of the most awesome reflex points ever.

and the best part is they help with all forms of pain! from sore muscles to injury to overall tension to cramps or headaches.

point #1 also corresponds to the uterus reflex and let me tell you that when those cramps kick up taking an index finger and stuffing it in my ear really helps.

i know it sounds weird. but try it.

obviously you can't hold both points at once but you can alternate between the two as things shift and change or your fingers get uncomfortable. also you work on both ears at the same time which might be too much or might be just right.

with ear reflexology when a point is over stimulated i notice a lot of heat or a softening in the tissue or a... well almost a clicking sound or sensation in my finger. this means it's time to work on a different point on the ears or maybe work on the hands. if the pain is not gone come back. alternating between ears, hands and feet will always get you results but you must be patient. sometimes these techniques take a few minutes to register in your body.

Ankles Rock!

if you've ever seen me for a session in real life you know i have a deep appreciation for the ankle. structurally it is an incredible mechanism and reflexively it supports the base of the spine and the entire lower pelvis and lower digestive system.

i am forever rambling on about the benifits of taking 1 minute a day to roll out your ankles. simply draw circles in the air and watch how your whole foot and leg and lower back start to feel a little more open and relaxed.

if you work at a desk or are in a meeting kick off your shoes and rotate those ankles for a little pick me up.

if you struggle with pms or other hormonal imbalances this tiny little action done several times a day is the gateway for opening your body to healing.

want more information about how to help relieve pms? get the tiny ebook

an update on the video that comes with red:

and we end with an apology!

one of the perks of buying red is a wonky little video with me doing all the techniques. Oh MY! what an adventure that has been! see i care what it looks like but i don't care if it is all professional and swanky, i just want you to be able to see my hands so you can feel confident you are doing things right. at some later point in my career maybe i will want to re-do them all and hire people and lights and whatever. for this flip camera foot model and me. but it still is so much more work than i ever expected. oiy!

anyway it is filmed, now i am working on editing-just a bit and am making titles as sound is not necessary to see things and is just too much to have to deal with.

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