doing a bit of spring cleaning and found this delightful little post. it is so fabulous to be reminded of where we were almost 2 years ago, and see how true it still is today. life's been a bit tricky these past few weeks. lots of ups and downs in the emotional realm. it is always interesting to be your own boss and have a bad day. it is very hard to kick your own butt and be responsible when the one you are responsible to is you.

things are picking up and i am feeling less in limbo. actually i am finding my quiet zen place in the limbo and settling in for a snack whilst straddling the unknown.

exercise seems to be helping along with a big dose of meditation and day dreaming. all activities that can be done anytime, anywhere and for little or no cost. AMAZING! why didn't i figure that out sooner.

wait i did, but then i forgot--somebody remind me when i forget again.

Update: oh look i forgot again! yeah-i seem to have a things that are good for amy memory problem. but then i found this tiny little post of glee reminding me as it waited nearly 2 years to be published. HA! just a side note this post was originally written on august 25th 2009... where it sat in the draft box until today!

be free post-be free!