closing doors

early this summer i decided to turn my to-do list on it's head. i love and adore making big and bold check marks through my tasks, sometimes even taking the pen and deeply scoring a line through a particularly challenging task.

but this summer i figured out that this never ending list was leaving me unsatisfied and always feeling behind.

so i switched it up a bit. the lovely Havi had us do an exercise last year at camp biggification about closing doors. and this left an impression on me because one year later i realized what i needed for my to-do list to be was a list about doors.

doors to close

things that go on this list are projects that are nearing completion, things that have to be done, phone calls to return, general tasks, anything that can be done in less than 30 minutes and or is nearing the end of it's life cycle.

slam! done with you now my energy can be free for

the doors to open

things that go on this list are: things coming in, new ideas or projects that are just starting, things with many, many steps, things that take a bit more energy and effort, things that won't be finished but may move on to doors to be closed in similar or different form.

art lives here, as does most of my faery work.

and doors to leave for later

sometimes referred to by my inner critics as the closet of skeletons.

things that go here are projects that sit on the to-do list but never move, things i look at and immediately look away from, ideas, new things that are shiny but distracting, things that require monster negotiations, safety discussions, or percolating.

in other words, things that aren't ready to be dealt with.