ok so i have struggled and struggled with the word psychic for what feels like forever. i hate it.

i hate the images it brings up in my brain. (too many whispy clothes, dark rooms, incense, voice alterations, crystal balls with fireflies in them.)

i hate the sound of the word. *sigh-kick*  *si-kik*

i hate what some people who are or claim to be psychic have done.

i don't want to have a label.

or a special power. (i want lots of special powers that change daily)

i want to be a side-kick!

which is kinda like a psychic but it's not at all about me!

because in my world if you really are a psychic it is because you are a hollow bone, it's because you are listening to Others that are smarter, more detached and know more than you.

if you are a psychic you are a translator.

you are a side-kick to the powers that be, to spirit, to the universe.

none of it is about you!

so you can't be in the spot light because then that is being ego based, and you can't 'predict the future' because that is a lie, and you can't charge $250 for 15 minutes because that is greedy.  (remember this is my story)

i can't do that. i don't want to be that. i just want to be me; invisible and quirky and helpful in my own weird way.

because i don't know these things that come out of my mouth, or the gestures that i make that are the same as your dead teacher, i am the side-kick, i just do as instructed and wing it during the hard parts while the real hero is busy.

a side-kick: kinda like a psychic only so much easier!

special thanks and hugs to Havi who introduced me to metaphor mouse and the claiming of super powers