All the prophecies of the world, All the traditions, are converging now.

There is no time for games...

The world will not end. It will be transformed.

Carlos Barrios, Mayan Elder


scroll down, on the right sidebar is the days character and number with a brief description of the energy of the day. happy introduction to the Tzolk'in (zole-keen). use it well and all will be well. there are 1 to 20 energies (characters) combined with 1 to 13 forces (numbers) which compose the energy of the day.

more to come. i am looking for a better site, one that will actually allow you to subcribe to it-if you find it first, pass it on please.

also in this book i was reading there is a harmonic resonance associated with each day and if someone can find or do the math to make that i would love a phone widget, as i am a huge believer in sound energy/medicine.