forgetting the humanity

shoes were thrown today. in the form of stop it or there will be Lawyers of Doom. ouch. it hurt. i did not mean to step on your thing. i also thought it was pretty brilliant and unique and apparently my ego got a notch taken out because obviously i am not so unique.

anyways what i really want to say it this.

i know life is hard. i know that there are ass-hats out there that don't listen or are petulant or rude.  i know your business is an expression of your heart and your passion and you work really fucking hard at it.

but here is the thing

i do to

and even though we find ourselves in repeat situations, unless we are dealing with the same people we should try to approach the situation with new eyes, gentle compassion, and at the very least a please and thank you first.

if that does not work then by all means break out the bazooka and fire away.

because i was happy to change things. i did it right away. i respect you and your TM or your policy or your thing and i'm not gonna get in the way (unless i think there is something i need to stand up for.)

and the whole thing could have been funny, and whimsical and laugh inducing and lead to partnerships or collaborations or email exchanges or who knows what.

but now-now i am afraid of you and your council of lawyers

i feel wrong and dirty for coming up with a brilliant idea too that just happened to be exactly the same as yours.

and i feel sad

sad because i know i have taken out emotion and energy wrongly on others in the past

many, many times

so before you send the black and white email, or make the phone call, or answer in the conversation please take a moment


then gather yourself and try grace before you yell at me

and i will try to do the same for you

i get it-but remember we are all having a hard time-

and that smile... that please and thank you... that can go a very long way.

it can totally transform a battlefield into a sanctuary or a playground

p.s. i did get an email back saying thank you with an explanation as to why big guns were drawn from the get go and it's ok-but it still hurt and there could have been gentleness from the start.