Love yourself some Earth

this place is one of the most magical places in the entire universe.

where ever you are find yourself a patch of dry, damp, dusty, lush earth and park yourself there for at least 10 seconds.

say thanks

take a breath of air you can breathe even if it's full of pollutants... and try to not add too many more of those pollutants.

no will save the earth alone. no group will save the earth. no political party. maybe not even aliens can save it.

but stopping to give thanks might just turn the tides.

gratitude can and will save anything.

and the earth will respond with love.

in my time on discovery bay i learned a magical truth. book on enlightenment often talk about stillness, and silence that comes with transcendence into a higher state of being.

over the course of this month i found this to be a huge mistake. there is no stillness ever in the universe. things are constantly moving in and out of states of being, tides never stop ebbing and flowing, air never stops moving in and out and around. there is sound everywhere, birds, air, sand, animals, traffic....

we were gifted with great big brains. may we use them.

we were gifted with great big beautiful hearts. may we love with them.

we were gifted with ears and eyes and 4 other magical senses, may we use the ones we know and develop the one we don't quiet trust.

thank you mother earth for holding us and for shaping magic each day. may you teach how to love as unconditionally as you do.