I have drama, I hate drama... I also hate business that don't treat you right, that refuse to answer your pleas for help and that treat you badly in the hopes you will just go away and leave them alone.

OneCoach I am not going away.

And now you have forced me through your inability to talk to me to start whining about you in my blog.

See I joined this program to help my business grow. They have great ideas, they do coaching and online learning and lots of other stuff. I thought this sounded swell. I loved the book the Answer and thought this was the answer to my business woe's.

It was also not within a comfortable price range, which made me question them in detail about what I could expect business wise and financially. I was verbally guaranteed to at least double my income.

So I did it. I plonked down $6000 (one third of my previous years income) and with great hopes and enthusiasm went to work.

There were glitches with the website (which have now been fixed) there were lots of hours on the phone (which I hate) and there was the advice of putting up posters in response to me freaking out about making $75 the previous month (I paid $175 for a 30 minute call in which you tell me to hang posters?)

Anyway the kicker is as I neared the end of my program I became more and more upset. I had worked my ass off 40 plus hours a week doing their programs, listening to their experts, searching out new pathways and building  a strong business foundation. (I had also been expressing concern for the past 6 month to my coach and been told to continue)

So like most people who throw themselves into something only to see it wasn't working I started to investigate why... I wanted to know why I had failed to generate income after building my business. Why wasn't I seeing the results others were... there were a lot of whys. and a lot of self blame and criticsm.

I decided through the process of questioning that I needed a refund. I am still making below $30,00 a year so to have a $6000 investment not work is painful, scary and frustrating. I also figured out it wasn't all my fault, part of it was the system of OneCoach.

I wrote a really wonderful note expressing my thanks, stating my conerns and asking for help and a refund. I have met with nothing but silence, standardized forms and my coach telling me I had mindset issues about money.  Really? I know that, I was very upfront about my limiting beliefs around money with the guy who signed me up and my coach... that's why I plonked down a huge sum to fix.

The silence is what kills me though. Who responds to an upset cleint with silence? And then when pushed reposnsed with a standardized note saying they do not refund for services rendered? and then when pushed again respondes with more silence until I threated to report them to Better Business Bureau. and now another week of silence.

Through all this there has been no phone number to be able to contact them, only email and a sterilized ticket number.

Really, really bad form OneCoach.

I do not have more business, more money or a better life. You have failed in your mission statement with me. And now you are failing even more profoundly by treating me this way.

Now that I have publicly announced my discontent will you open communication?

ticket #189003 aka Amy Goetz Just to be clear inthe beginning I only asked for a portion of my fees back, and I would have willing bargained with them about what was fair and what we could do to make me feel better about the investment.

After 2 months of being handled this way, I want my money back.