sometimes life requires us to take giant leaps of faith into the unknown territory of unknowingness37 and life expects you to be ok with this leap of faith into unknown-ness where it's dark cause illumination has not yet been here and there are things all around but you aren't sure what they are.

so as i leap i am calling in some support

who or what can help me leap?

my dear friends, my amazing partner, my cats with super powers

who or what can help me stay the course?

knowing i am important and have impute to be heard, my counselor, my friends, my mom

what can i call in to help me stay in the inbetween space of leap and landing?

tea, dancing to energize me and keep me moving, grace, a candle to help illuminate, a dust rag to get to work with, trust in the process, patience, serenity.

and so with that i continue in this transition, now feeling a bit more grounded and able to stay in the flux and not freak-out and leave or get super angry and storm the invisible castle.