where i ask the internet for things and it mostly works in strange bizarre ways VPA #! Monsters

please go away or tell me what you need so this terrible lethargy can leave. i am tired of being unresponsive, uninspired and unslept.

what i am willing to do

  • try to nap
  • listen and change what i can change
  • walk
  • flail around a bit
  • feed you-what do you want monster? stop sitting on me!

VPA #@ i want to be able to nap again

i used to be able to take a quick nap in the day-now i either lay there and get grumpy or sleep too long and wake up a zombie

what i would like

  • ease
  • sleep

what i am willing to do

  • put myself to bed everyday for a brief rest
  • take a book in case sleep is not happening
  • be ok with the grumpy-maybe this is just me getting caught up with the sleep

VPA ## help with the belief in exponential growth

so i reached a landmark this month in my business and now i am a) a bit afraid i am going to somehow blow it all up and b) that all these other things i am growing are never going to bloom

what i need

  • a validation and or sign from that interest is there
  • yippee yay yay's
  • something to move-just a tiny bit
  • stories of other peoples success-point me and i will read

what i am willing to do

  • stop digging up my projects
  • finish things so other things can bloom
  • believe in the piece of me that trusts and give her a place to talk
  • talk to my future self that is 2 steps ahead and ask for advices
  • dance, walk, cry, cheer-all of it

VPA#$  movement and exchange

i have these slips and i want them to go away so i can buy more and make them go away-but i am stuck

i also have this faery post that needs a filling up

what i want:

the permission slip ladies to find homes

ways this could happen

  • magic
  • Havi has talked about them tonnes but no one is buying
  • a saint could come up and help me better photograph them so you can easily see the awesome
  • tell me why you hesitate and i will address that so to make it easy to go away

what i want

20 people to sign up for the year long post-not the month long post although 20 people can also sign up for the month long post

what i am willing to do

  • talk about it
  • figure out hosting a call
  • point people to the facebook page where faeries babble so they can see how cool it is for free
  • just be tired and stop trying and let the faeries fill this up-my job is to do what they tell me and i am not doing it.