VPA's for the faeries

VPA=Very Personal Ads it's a Havi-ism and if you don't know her brand of kookie you should go look at her glossary. anyways i am asking for stuff here for me and the faeries-because asking the internets to make things happen sort of magically makes things happen. it's crazy. and it's magic. and don't go all law of attraction on my or i will have to kick you in the shin and run away cackling.

VPA numbered the ONE (i won!)

35 awesome shiny people to sign up for Halloween start of faery post

my commitment to making this happen:

i shall tweet i shall ask the kitchen tables for help spreading the tweet love i shall talk to people about it in real and virtual life i will be open to receiving those glorious people signing up to buy the faeries postcards i shall ask for love letters to the faeries from those who are currently experiencing the magics of post

Ways this Could Will Happen:

YOU could sign up here (yes you) people who know people who know other people could direct their people here and those people could sign up people who are getting and love the faery posts could give one as a gift to someone Magic! i could do another VPA about a phone call and then you could listen and see how kookie the faeries and i are and you would then be compelled to sign up here

VPA numbered the TWO (too) [also]

i need help figuring out how to do an "ask the faeries anything" call

ways this could happen:

someone just tell me what to do ok-i have no energy to work at this i don't wanna do nothing for this but figure out the time and date some magical helper mouse at the kitchen table can give me the numbers and hook me up

what i am willing to do to make this happen:

ask and recieve plan the time and date and fill out the whatever to get my magic number

VPA numbered the Three (tree)

a more form like shape for my mysterious faery project

My Commitment:

to talk to the bits and the ideas i have to make maps to do dance of shiva to be curious and ask questions to go through the faery door and ask more questions

Ways it Could Happen:

genius insight and knowingness someone or some faery could hand me the outline of the thing magics! i could follow the clues and get to the end and find the treasure i could have an insightful discussion with someone which would lead to form i could surrender the need for form and just let it be

Follow up to yesterdays post about declaring i am home from rally and ready to book you an appointment seems to have worked. i got 3 phone calls in a hour this morning. thank goodness it stopped ringing for a bit though as i was a bit terrified of the powers.