VPA may the forth be with you edition

very personal ads for manifesting monday in which we ask the universe via the internets for things to be different hello wednesday it's so not monday

well we are just going to pretend or something

what i'd like #1

a couple more clients for thursday and/or friday.

what i am willing to do?

ask for them. maybe email a few people who haven't been in in awhile. facebook? does that even work? let's pretend it does. answer the phone so i can book them.

what i would like #2

exercise. daily. of the variety that i actually sweat for at least 5 minutes.

ok i really don't want this but i do want the results: the feeling healthier, the digestive system that process things quickly, the firming up of the wiggle bits. so if i can be inspired or guided in a different direction point me to it.

what i am willing to do

try to remember to get off the computer and "working". do jumping jacks between clients. find fun ways to exercise outside and inside. put 30 minutes a day in my schedule.

VPA the third

i would like connections

i love people and i don't understand the phone or internet so i loose connections. and i want to help people and have people help me. and i want to understand how to jump into conversations and stop lurking everywhere. and well what i really would love is for someone to pick me up, carry me along for a bit and then put me down and see what happens from there.

what am i willing to do

talk back to people who are talking to me. maybe-maybe, risk talking to someone i don't know. amybe?!? hey look at that that says amy be instead of maybe... very fascinating, because what i was going to type was maybe leap into a conversation and the typing oracle just said amy be. so i will just be.

may the fourth be with you VPA

what i'd like

to feel grounded. to get back to a meditation and yoga like movement on a semi regular basis. to have the sun shine for more that a day. to allow myself rest and recovery. to feel the force flowing through me. to see through the blast shield.

what i am willing to do

take this weekend away from everything but my significant other. to take multiple bath if i feel like it. to take long walks or long naps. to bring my journal with me everywhere and be ok with never using it or using it excessively. to flail my arms with shiva nata. to sit outside bundled up in the 5 minutes of sun and soak it up.