VPA for grace

where in i ask the universe via the internets for things to change and sometimes it happens really fast. VPA=very personal ad ala Havi! one i'd love for my schedule to do stuff it's not like be full and stop shifting around

ways this could work

  • people could call me and fill it up
  • those that do book could stay with the schedule and not change things

what i am willing to do

  • my little manifesting trick with candles
  • be patient
  • do shiva on why this is annoying me
  • take longer walks to forget about it all

two Ease Please (which you can buy in a potion from an aardvark)

oh my gosh i am a nightmare of conflict, frustration, anxiety and hate. i cannot see the brilliance that is me and my life and i am getting very frustrated with it all

ways this could happen

  • i could snap out of it
  • unexpected grace can fall upon me and make me see the light

what i am willing to do

  • shite i am such a funk i have no idea-but i am willing to have the solution arrive
  • i can drink more tea
  • i can write in my monster book and see if this helps
  • i can take more vitamin d and some anti-stressy herbs
  • i can understand that i am a creature and it is dark and maybe i should sleep more and do less for a month or two
  • i can try to remember to walk because that at least gets me exercise and air
  • i can bitch and gripe to the internets and my journal

three feelings of security-i'd love to figure out why i keep falling into that fear trap and the not enough trap and the money trap-what i'd love is to know what i actually need to feel safe right now so i can make that happen

ways this could happen

  • i could understand and listen to that part of me that knows best
  • the vision and feeling could arrive and i can try it on and make notes so i can remember later
  • i have no idea
  • shiva could explain

what i am willing to do

  • breathe
  • be uncomfortable
  • listen
  • learn
  • feel
  • take notes
  • change