VPA for getting stuff done

very personal ads for manifesting monday in which we ask the universe via the internets for things to be different VPA #1 get stuff done.

i have a list and it is long not everything that needs to be done on the list i'd like to make a new list of what really matters and do that first and everything else gets thrown into the air and dealt with later

what i am willing to do

make the new list after writing this post take 1 or 2 hours a day to do those things first and get them done do more if time and brain space allows

what it will look like when it's done

less papers cluttering the desktop with lists! a finished thing ticky boxes marked off and stuff in places where the next thing can happen feelings of accomplishment and celebration

VPA #2 shut off brian (i mean brain but obviously brian needs to be shut off too)

meditation, spacing out and general amy shuts her brain off time

what i am willing to do

take at least 5 minutes a day to sit and empty my over filled head

what it looks like

amy staring at walls amy sitting still doing nothing but breathing amy laying down and not falling asleep

VPA #3 more connection

i had so much fun talking to people last week i want more of it

what i am willing to do

talk back to people talking to me leap into a twitter conversation hang out at the bar and talk, even if it is to myself comment on 3 blogs this week

what it looks like when i have it

streams of words directed towards me and away from me making webs of delight and planting joy and seeds of collaboration and inspiration and glee and gratitude and stuffs

VPA #4 some garden time

which means i am really asking mother nature to stop raining on me at the times in my schedule when i am free and can actually do stuff

what it looks like

the seedlings are planted and more weeds are removed

VPA #5 yes more clients

this might be a re-occuring one for a while but necessity it is

what i am willing to do

ask and they shall come meditate as quieting my mind always allows other people to find me ask my connections to help me

what this looks like

3 more people in my door

or 10 more people buying an ebook of reflexology

what did the universe and the internets bring me last week?

well, last week i asked for clients, and a i got one for last week and two for this week hooray! i asked for exercise, in which i did some but not enough, connections and bam i talked on twitter threads and people commented on my blog and newsletter and i was all filled up with communication ease, and i asked to be more grounded-feeling it a bit but not there yet, although i did figure out that what was missing was at least 5 minutes of meditation, wall staring or 30 minutes of walking to be a zombie-veggie-no-thinking-human.