ahh! maybe it is almost time for flip flops. wait there goes the sun again.

but hey while we wait let's do some foot exercises so we can avoid experiencing foot pain.

see this time of year when we switch from our winter shoes to our summer shoes our feet have a minor panic attack and start doing things like cramping up and hurting and getting plantar fasciitis. yuck.

head over here and do these 4 simple exercises to get your feet in shape so they are ready for whatever strappy thing you decide to throw them into. alternatively you can use the tabs on top and find the foot exercises page under reflexology.

two easy things no mentioned on the exercise page are:

  1. throw a tennis or golf ball on the floor and give yourself a foot massage
  2. fill a bucket or bowl or tun with hot water and some epsom salt and soak your feet, the salt have high concentration of magnesium which is a muscle re-builder and relaxer.

and if you need help getting rid of the pain give me a call and get yourself a reflexology session! the phone number is right below in the footer or over there in that side bar -->

email also works: info [at] barefootphoenix [dot] com

questions? send those over as well. i love questions!