permission slips round two

because sometimes you just have to run forward very fast and get things done or they never will and that mean you end up with blurry pictures but you are too freaked out to care. and then you have round two

where the blur is still a bit there as we are dealing with shiny fabric and not so great cameras but the blur is way less...

until you put it on etsy and then the blur is magnified by at least 10. *sigh*

but i care not here are the ladies whose prices have been cut to ribbons for holiday movement!


bottom detail

top detail

whole back with her life story attached

If ever there was a magic faery princess-Beatrice would be it... Besides granting wished and giving you permission Beatrice's super powers include maximum amounts of loving gentle back support. You can feel her making you stronger.


top ribbon weave

bottom detail

side detail with story

Dorothy is an adventure seeker and longs to help you discover new worlds. Dorothy is infused with magic wishing powers and many, many strengths and super powers to get you out into the world and back home safely


back top with ribbon flair

bottom detail

top with beading and hearts

Jane hates the word can't almost as much as the word should so watch out world-things get done in her vicinity... Jane helps you maintain and own your true self, follow your heart and dream big.


top shiny

top shiny blurry detail of beading

bottom detail of beading

Simple, straight forward and infused with protective spells V (no other letters necessary) will help you become invisible and stay safe or stand up tall and proud.


top detail with story slip

leaves and magic belt

front bodice detail

Evalyn came to be to help us release, she is adorned with leaves to remind us to shed so that we may bloom again. Evalyn bestows ease, grace and simplicity upon all who see her...

and Genevieve

top with magic ribbon pinned on

side with the cutest bows ever

back detail-wings!

Hidden under her pink heart and dragonfly exterior lies the heart of a roller derby girl bent of destruction. Destruction of things in her way that is...

so here they are! and tomorrow i am starting on the half slip and the cami's so more to come very very soon!

go visit the barefoot phoenix store and take your slip of permission home so you can conquer the holidays with sanity and grace.