Meet the Permission Slips

what are they? slips and nightgowns that have been transformed into magical objects

how did they come to be?

well i was sitting at Havi and Selma's rally!rally and trying to think of creative ways i could bring beauty and magic into the world and make money so i can fund other people and their projects--and the permission slips came to visit.

(well actually they came to remind me of a project i did years and years ago.)

how do you create them?

i start with slips, nightgowns, cami's that i have rescued from the thrift store.

i wash them and gather supplies of transformation-fabric, glue, thread, beads, ribbons.

then i talk to each one-looking over it's shape and feel and personality and i let the slip help create itself and i follow it's lead and together we create a slip of permission.

why do you name the slips?

i don't while i am crafting the slip i am in meditation, infusing each bead, each piece of fabric, each stitch with super powers, magic, healing, and most of all permission to be self and grow and love and create your life.

in the process of that meditation i found names and stories coming to me. at first i kind of ignored it but when it happened again on the third slip i knew this was an additional gift of grace.

each slip has a story, each slip has a guardian who wants to share her power, the lessons she's learned, she wants to make your transition that much simpler and so she is infusing her wisdom into the slip.

what is the point? why would i want one?

because it is an object of transformation. it is a powerful and beautiful symbol for an act that is very hard to do  and each time you see or wear the slip you are acknowledging the idea that you have permission to be, do and have.

because costumes and art make this world worth living in, it makes the day magical and fun and who couldn't use a day with a bit more magic  or fun in it.

because each piece was infused with love, permission, sovereignty and so much more and wearing it or touching it you will feel the love radiate into your being.

because they are beautiful and seeing it every day will make you smile.

so take a look! etsy store!