Ask the Faeries Part II

Where the smart people who live at Havi's Kitchen Table ask the faeries questions and they answer.

A phone call will soon come into existence but until then feel free to email me your very own questions for the faeries.

Are the faeries ever naughty?

All the time :P

Where do they dance most brilliantly?

In the moon light-especially on those crisp spring and autumn days when the clouds are rushing through the darkness outlined in silver and the moon is huge and full of life.

What language do they speak among themselves, and could we understand it? What do their names sound like?

If the faeries want you to understand them they will find a way to communicate with you. Now that may not ever be through language as we would call it but may instead be through found objects, a spinning leaf where there is no wind, a glimpse of something, or a stroke of insight.

Language is an interesting thing and I find faeries talk to me and I understand but it used to be I could not then tell you what they said-like I had a translation block and could not find my words even though I heard words in my own head. It is very bizarre and hard to explain. I find faeries most often 'speak' in signs and left or moved objects or triggers-like an snip of over heard conversation or a song following you around.

If you go visiting the faeries your faery guide will give you a babble fish which will allow you to understand everything you need. ok they won't really but in my experience your guide is kinda part translator part babble fish and just being by them allows you to comprehend.

I do not know faery names-and I never ask. There are so many myths that claim that knowing a faeries name gives you power over it and so I do not even tread there. If I need to call upon a faery I ask how and they give me a name or word to use. My first guide into the between place I refer to as Brian, and then there is the Lady Hawthorn who lives in the hawthorn tree at the corner of our property-mostly I find there is no need for names. Amy does not really feel like my real name so maybe I have an aversion to the use of names...

You can ask and they of course will tell you a name you can understand and pronounce-otherwise what is the point.

How do they come into existence?

Through thought, action, prayer, need, change, creation, birth, love.

What is in this for them-how does sending postcards help them?

It forms a connection and they need people to know about them and to listen to them. So sending you postcards helps faeries to re-establish a human connection which will hopefully lead to a deeper understanding and sustainable relationship to our planet and shift in consciousness towards creating things of beauty.

you can get postcards from the faeries here or you email me for your very own hour talking to the faeries and getting answers to your questions to your stuff.