there are many doors in my head. i think we all have them. or at least we have someway of compartmentalizing information and separating knowledge so that enemies don't meet, and facts are easy to find.

in my brain i have this hallway. and down the hallway are several doors that lead to all the different energies i get information from.

like spirit guides have a door-it's shimmery and silver and when i knock upon it i can ask them information for me or you and receive their answers and report them to you.

the faeries have a door. i drew it right over there -> it's brown and rich and has vines wrapped around it and when i touch the spiral my faery guide comes and takes me visiting.

the animals have a door in my brain, and so do houses and buildings. i like to visit the animals to remind myself and others about their magical properties and to be more like the creatures. and i visit the door for space energies when i need to talk to spaces that are stuck and need an infusion of light and love and possibly re-arrangement of the furniture. the spaces door has many fascinating things to say sometimes.

there's a door for my monsters, and a door for the monsters that have graduated from things i avoid to energies i have claimed and can now utilize.

there's a door where i can connect with my actual self and not this clunky body i wear around and i don't visit there often enough because it is so vast and big and shiny that i can't take it in for very long.

i've finally made a door for business me and i've locked her the room and forget to consult her, but someday i will remember she is there.

i have so many doors.

people ask me about being psychic and or knowing things and this here is the best explanation i have been able to come up with. i have doors in my brain and when you need to talk to your higher self or get guidance from the spirit realm or the faeries i knock upon their door and i see if it's a good day to play.

sometimes they don't answer the door.

because sometimes we all need a break, or more like, you aren't ready to hear what they have to say so instead of making me try and translate a bunch of stuff that no one is going to get they stop talking.

sometimes in a session you will hear me getting more and more confused and then all of a sudden i will shake myself off a bit. that is me realizing nothing is getting through and trying a different guide, or a different door. trying to find someone to talk to that we can really understand.

some doors i don't want to talk to very much, like the door that finds lost things or the door that talks to dead people. i can knock there but i don't speak their language very well so it's kinda like when i went to Brazil and all i could say in Portuguese was hello, thank you, good bye, i want to eat something but i cant tell you what except i can ask for pineapple and mint juice or cheese bread or water or a sandwich but i can't tell you which sandwich i can just point. actually i just pointed a lot an said one word, like a 2 year old, which is about all i can get from the door of lost things and the dead people. so it can be helpful if you understand what soft, blue, dark have to do with what you were asking then YAY it worked! otherwise it's just confusing-until it makes perfect sense.

and recently i have learned to shut the door on all the doors because being energy they don't need to sleep like i do and it was getting very hard to hear all their voices all the time and try to get anything done. if you ever want to see what this looks like in motion come and watch me garden-i will start weeding here then dump my bucket and go plant stuff there then remember i was supposed to be weeding but feel compelled to re-arrange the garden art right now! then the need to water something even though it is raining-it's insane-and entertaining.

play with me!

do you have doors or filing cabinets in your brain? what information do they hold and can you find it?