manifestation is the wonky

so for the very first year in the history of me i hired a tax person. it stresses me the hell out to fill in those forms and fear the wrath of the IRS. so i put someone between me and them. and then we learned that we owed the government almost $500 more than we already paid. sad face me.

but then i had a brilliant idea-what if i contributed to my IRA would that negate the fees i owed the government? yes yes it does.

this is a round about way of saying that for the last 4 years i have been wanting to contribute money to my retirement and we haven't really found the funds to make that happen.

but faced with a $500 bill from uncle sam i all of a sudden decided i could hand this money over to him to put in social security possibly never to be seen again or i could round up an additional $500 and stick it somewhere i can't touch it for another 30 years and assuming the world does not implode and money still exisist i have more of a chance of getting back my IRA then social security.

loopholes! i found and am utilizing a loophole! go me! 10 billion sparkle points!

so i got me two birds with one process-a tax person and funding for my retirement... holy crapoli! go me and it costs a lot more than is comfortable but not really because it reduces my stress levels by relaxing one million tense cells.

so manifestation-she's a tricky beast. we don't really have the funds to contribute but i sure an hell am going to find them because one way or another i owe and i'd rather pay it forward to my own self thankyouverymuch.

be careful what you wish might get it, but it might make you work for it to figure out how. keep your eyes and your heart open as manifestation is trying to get you the things you desire, but she does it in very sneaky ways.