oi! stop with the weather

the world woke up gross and windy and rainy and slightly miserable. it does not make me a happy camper

i desire to stay in bed forever and drink tea and eat cookies, but even tea and cookies feels gross and blah.

what i really want is space to walk and decent weather to do it in. my body is craving hard work and gardening and walking forever.

but the cold continues and when you add gray, gray gray and sideways rain and wind, even the prospect of putting on the purple paisley rain boots no longer works as a motivator.

march and winter i am done with you!

go away!

to help pick things up i added cinnamon and orange essential oils to the mopping water and although it helped a bit the smells have faded and i am grumpy again.

drug under by the constant need of sweaters and socks and long pants.

i remind myself that march the hardest month of the year for me is almost over and i have done incredible things.

i think it is time for another cup of tea. or maybe a bath to soak away the yuck with sparkly bath bomb from lush. if you can't have sunshine, you might as well make sunshine.