the last two weeks have been a bit up and a bit down but mainly a whole lot of swirly. i look around and i don't quiet understand what i see. somehow, i've done it. i've gone and created the schedule of my dreams, the time to write, to dream, to share and to dive deeper. and some how it is managing to bring me in a little trickle of abundance.

it's scary when you realize you have actually gone and done it. made your dream day your living day. it takes a bit to recognize, to accept and to embrace. it can be so startling you get a cold because we have to throw a wrench in the works somehow.

i find myself the past two weeks visiting and revisiting the post about the pool of reserve. click here to read post

allowing the flow all around me and watching as my energetic reserves fill which will eventually flow out and over into all the places i want to grow and nurture.

i find myself here at the beginning of this week needing to not look forward or back but at here and now. wanting to have conversations with slightly future me but not wanting to rush there or change anything.

here and now is ok. it is far from perfect, but it is ok. and that is such a blessing.