gathering and thinking about my desires of this week, i started off with this very beautiful list:this week i make $1000 doing what i love this week i buy an oven this week i make things happen, i get shit done and everything feels easier this week i walk more places and connect and ground into my body this week i start to really believe in the magic i create and take it in, also i begin to really see and trust how much the universe has my back!

then i went to post it on my magical dream incubator group and read an entry posted there and thought hey! whats stopping this?

and i realized that the waterfall of abundance is crashing all about my rocky self which feels amazing and is lovely to see but it just flows right past and over and around and never stays.

so i asked what could change and my rocky self moved out of the flow and made the edge of a very deep very beautiful pool. this pool holds more than enough, it holds an infinite amount of extraness for the scary oh no times but also there are small streams of outflow that feed and nurture other areas of my life as well as things i love and want to nurture like charities and artisans and traveling.

and it feels possible, and like it's time, and that it really can be super simple.

the universe is like a waterfall, it may slow down and become only a trickle but it never stops, and the pool never empties.

but i have to re-arrange my stubborn rocky self to allow for the magic to work on me. so here is me, moving to the side and allowing a pool to fill up and overflow all around me.

it is much calmer here, and i can see and hear things i couldn't see and here standing under the tumult of the waterfall. sometimes a dear comes and drinks form the edge and sometimes i watch as leaves dance in the current and swirl to the sideline in an eddy. sometimes the sun catches the water just right and makes a beautiful rainbow. i couldn't see all this standing in the middle of the flow, it just felt like being perpetually sprayed by a fire hose. no wonder i got so tired.

sometimes the universe is trying really really hard to get you what you want and need, but because you forgot to ask for a way to hold it, it blasts you full force and flows on by, waiting for you downstream in a calmer place.