"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. The tragedy is that we ignore so much of it in the interest of getting to the real stuff"

Annie Dillard

waiting to begin. some days i feel like all i am doing is waiting. waiting for tomorrow, or next week, or fall, or next summer or whatever.

never being here, never checking in with what i'd like to do now.

always believeing i'm short on time, and then looking back and wondering why i wasted so much of that time.

in the interest of experimentation i am going to try to be here today and see how that goes.

old man kitty is visiting us while my parents are on vacation. old man kitty is somewhere between 18&21. he is a great role model. it's not about getting to the next space it's about enjoying right now.  now i'd like a walk and then a cup of tea, and then maybe some yard work. but we shall see. for now, it's enough to know that i need to finish this post and go walk.

how are you ignoring today and could you live a little more right now?