once upon a time i used to believe in things i couldn't see. magic happened all the time in my life because i didn't yet know the steps, or the process, or the way of things behind the things.

magic happened in the form of lasagna dinner-i didn't understand all the steps that went to create the lasagna, i just saw it come out of the oven and be scooped on to my plate. Star Trek furthured that myth along-how was i supposed to know the oven didn't create the food? it was magic-ask for what you want an *bing* the oven makes food.

Santa Claus brought present down the chimney, which was amazing because birds lived in our chimney sometimes and didn't he break apart their houses coming through; why no he uses magic and slips through which is how he also gets to people who have no chimney.

my Barbie's and my little ponies had fabulous houses (in my brain). in reality their houses were piles of dirt, wallpaper scraps, cardboard boxes with coloring and wonky cut window shapes.

the point of this all is i (we)  used to believe things were different than reality.

i (we) used to see more possibility, potential and magic.

i (we) used to be able to easily transform what actually was into what i (we) believed and to live in the world of belief and yet still exist and function here in the everyday.

so to that part of me that got lost somewhere in the responsibilities, to-do lists and reality checks- i see you, and i remember you, and i would like to begin to cultivate a conversation, so that you can remind me of all that i don't see.

here's to the integration of imagination and making the invisible visible again.

share your lost moments or ways you might play with creating a new reality in the comments!