faeries on fridays # ? shoot i have no idea

This weeks post in on trust-because I missed a week int he chaos that was my life and broke a promise and have to figure out how to fix it. Because I learned such lack of trust, not only is it hard for me to give you my trus,t but it also hard for me to follow through-having not learned very good skills in this department.

So when I started having conversations with faery I didn't expect them to have just as many if not more trust issues with me. Now maybe because this is one of the core issues I am working on in my lifetime I have attracted faeries who share a similar psychosis. But my guide re-assures me it's more of a general mis-trust in humans and all faeries experience it to some level.

Why? maybe because we are trashing their home.

But the bigger reason is that people tend to disappear and not follow through. So the faery have learned not to trust a human promise.

I don't have a lot to say on this, nor do the faery, but I wanted to raise the issue so that maybe in time it can begin to heal. And maybe ambassadors like us can start the healing process first with ourselves and then with others.

I promised the faery that for 52 weeks I would show up here, listen and write you messages. I messed up and got seriously behind and well here I am hustling, hoping that I am only seriously tardy and not actually 4 days behind. I am really afraid to look because that would mean they are right and I should't be trusted with this task. That I let silly problems which in the long run are laughable get in the way of my commitment and if that is the way things are-why should they trust me?

And yet forgiveness can easily be granted, because everyone understands that shit gets in the way and life gets crazy and you enter the spin cycl, where thinking or acting is almost impossible until you are released form the whirlwind.

So I guess what I'd love to see happen with this message is to take a look at your life, where do you find yourself withholding trust, where do you find yourself messingup by not fufilling your bargains, and is it a pattern that you can unwind to discover a wound waiting for healing.

What I'd also love to see is a deep connection and trust in yourself and your beliefs. You are here on this bizarre journey with amy! and faeries why? look inside and start to connect with the piece of you that is searching, or longing, or desiring, or hoping.

If you are wishing a deeper connection with actual faeries see where you can extend a tiny bit of trust in the existence of other, and visualize them extending shyly out to you.

do you want to help your connection to faery grow? commit to 52 weeks of faery post and homework over at betwixt and between page.