course correction, tarotamy

death and temperance

course correction, tarotamy

holy moley! it has taken me an additional 2 weeks to calm down and get out of the upheaval caused by august. i believe it was the very last day of august i was so upset, frustrated, confused, unable to focus and blah that i finally had the insight to head over to my yearly tarot readings and bam! august was the month of death.

no wonder it was so ahhhhh!

now death very rarely talks about literal death. death usually just talks about the death of ego, the death of pesky patterns, the death of friendships, or exiting of people who no longer serve you, etc.

this month i had a little bit of a lot of all of it.

the best part is i survived with some major battle scares but ultimately with so much more information, grounding and healing than i could imagine from one month.

and gentle, beautiful september has entered with her really blue skies and her perfect length days and her clouds.

she also seems to be really warm which is interesting because after last months purging and upheaval i have been super hot tempered and cranky and the weather has been super HOT and dry  for this time of year.

i'm hanging in LA for another week and have just survived 100 plus temps and am so hoping that rain settles in next week upon our return to Seattle. i could do with an entire week of being cold and needing a blanket.

temperance not only speaks to us about finding balance but of being willing to experiment, try new things and new ways of being. you just shed a ton of stuff in death so why not do an activity backwards or see what happens when you mix x with s instead of y.

whatever you play with may you enjoy the rest of this month and may it be kind and gentle to you and yours.