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faeries in fridays #13

faeryamytalking to faeries

"why did we go and preform that ritual around the oak tree? How does it help us become better human beings?" "Precisely because most people don't perform rituals around oak trees anymore, and because by preforming apparently absurd rituals, you get in touch with something deep in your soul, in the oldest part of yourself, the part closest to the origin of everything." Paulo Coelho Aleph This week we introduce ritual and I adore the idea of introducing ritual as an apparently absurd thing we do. Because really from the outside rituals often appear totally absurd and on the inside there is often a tiny or a really loud voice yelling 'what are you doing? you look like a moron! i think you are completely fucking up this whole thing, and probably damning everyone here to some horrible fate.'

Ritual is tough. We don't do or acknowledge it very much anymore in our society. Even churches have begun to take out a lot of the rituals.

So in a completely faery way we are going to start ritual as a completely silly activity. Then you are more likely to do it and get results. When there is solemnity and silence and seriousness attached to ritual i can feel a bit time consuming and hard to incorporate into your day.

Today's definition of ritual: an activity you do to change your reality.

I'd love to see all your silly rituals you create. Come hang at the facebook or titter feeds and share! scroll to bottom of page for links.

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