Once upon a time...  We all know how the stories start and how they usually end up in books but why oh why don't they end up that way in real life?

I watched a quirky fun movie the other week "the best exotic marigold hotel" about a bunch of retired Brits moving over to India and their adventures with the strange customs of this complicated and beautiful land.

In this movie the host of the hotel, a young dreamer, states to one of the women, "Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, then it is not yet the end."

I loved this for so many reasons. We often feel or think that things should be just so, that we have made changes and put in the effort and why isn't it all amazing yet? We get frustrated, discouraged, disheartened and lost. Quick fix programs and notes on the laws of attraction have us deceived that everything should change with a tiny bit of effort or I did what it said so why do I still feel the same?

Yesterday I was hanging out in the Grove in Los Angeles which is the Disneyland of malls, complete with a trolley car, fountain and many shops I never want to walk into. I was looking around at the people and sort of in awe at how amazingly film like they had made this. Everything in place, lighted just right but underneath a confusion..." it looks like I'm in a movie! things should be grand in this part, I should be laughing with my friends or leaning in for a kiss with my sweetie-but I'm just me."

Change takes time to catch up with who we are. Yes, we can and often do change quickly but it is a constant effort to keep the changes in place and to not slip backwards into old patterns. Reflexology, tarot, all the things I do help bump you up into a better place, but they won't keep you there without effort. Practice everyday and find ways to play more through your life. And remember, "if it is not yet right, it is not yet the end."

what can you change today to help bring you closer to where you want to be? make it a teeny, tiny thing.