faeries on fridays #4

i am starting a new thing, it is called betwixt and between and it is a series of one post a week to explore the world of faery. i have ideas about what this might be and turn into but in 'reality' the faeries have complete control of the situation.

to give you an idea of what the posts are about and to lure you into possibly purchasing them i will be putting up an excerpt from each post every friday for the next 52 weeks.

i know this experiment is partially so that i may better hear the faery, but mostly it is a processing and distilling of information so that the next classes, blog posts, learning can come into the world and find you.

without further ado...

"Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind." Albert Einstein

You can take out intuition and put in inspiration, solutions, creation, story, screenplays, paintings, hard math problems, space travel and on and on.

Think of these homework exercises and ways to strength train your brain, or better yet as ways to stop listening to your brain and start listening to everything else around you which is so much smarter than your brain. ... Why? ... To interrupt your patterns. To show you new ways to see, do, interact, be, dress, and live.

Because to live and inspired life, you have to get rid of almost everything you currently know and believe.


Neo in the matrix learns it best. In the scene when he visits the oracle he meets a child in the waiting room bending spoons with his mind. The trick to bending the spoons, he is told,  is to pretend there is no spoon. To free your mind.

Homework is the spoon. It gives you a routine, an outline, a chance to try a bunch of silly stuff that doesn't take a lot of time or effort or commitment or even belief.

And then one day, 6 days/weeks/months/years from now you will see that those tiny strange activities lead you somewhere you might not have ended up if you hadn't of done them or known they existed. Might have lead to a decision that changed everything. Might have lead to a brief encounter that sparked collaboration.

That is my hope for all of us, that these tiny microscopic alterations eventually lead to a domino effect and whoosh! everything is different. Everything is magic.

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