faery, YESamydreams

ideas are worth fighting for

faery, YESamydreams

last week being independence day and the start of summer here in Seattle i have been thinking a lot on independence and freedom and ideas. ideas that spark imagination and action and change the world.

ideas that make a difference and create new ways of thinking and doing.

ideas that are worth fighting for.

worth changing your patterns and your beliefs and your home.

ideas that keep you up at night, that follow you through the day and over the years, slowly forming shape and texture and springing into the world to interact with.

i am a idea machine. i have so many ideas over the course of the week that if i wrote them all down i'd fill up a journal a week.

but i rarely find an idea that latches on, that sinks it's teeth into me and won't let go.

and i wonder why?

if i have so many ideas, why don't they give me pause, and make me follow them around.

i have given other people ideas that they latch onto and make into amazing, dream come true,  fabulousness.

but no idea so far, has done that for me.

maybe i am a seed planter. a scatterer of ideas.

or maybe my idea is so big and so all encompassing that i cannot even see it, because i am actually living it everyday, and one day i will look back and see the idea i am living into.

i like that.

i think i will hold onto that as truth for a while.

if you want to participate in a 8 year old idea of mine starting to unfold, you can play over here with me and the faeries in betwixt and between.