2011-what the faeries have to say

mwhahaha oh my lovelies have you felt like 2010 was such a delightful year of brainstorming and meeting interesting people and learning new things but of getting absolutely nothing done.

well hooray! you were in alignment with the energy of the year. it was a year about planting seeds and learning with a few doses of nurturing thrown in. and in the polar extreme a lot of bickering, nothing getting done, frustration, violence against self and others and well let's just leave 2010 behind and face forward to today the very first day on 2011.

take 2+0+1+1 and you get a big nice 4

thank whatever gods may be we have a year with a bit of stability and a lot of action.

this year is all about getting things done. its about reforming, re-framing and making things work for you instead of dragging behind you.

the energy is in alignment to get it done. you came up with six million and 3 ideas last year-this year see which ones show any promise and start building a structure under them.

this is the year of the emperor-of male action oriented go get 'ems. the monster slaying comes to full force as you pludge head first into all tasks.

the negative things to watch out for-getting so involved in the building of systems and things that you forget to look at the overall plan and you forget parts or run out of space. don't forget to step back and get a good view and also to ASK FOR HELP. going it alone is just going it alone and there is no fun in having built a thing that no one knows about or where no shows up to celebrate with you.

watch your mouth. this year you might find yourself being more aggresive, running into every stupid person on the planet and being surrounded by idiots. take a good look at yourself because the incopetent SOB's are either you or your have done a crap job at communicating and need to actually tell them what they are supposed to do.

month by month break down of the energies

January- lots of energy to take thoughts and start figuring out how to bring them into the world. you are still hibernating so dream, dream dream. it will show up soon enough. trust yourself and the bigger picture and divine. get help from a mentor.

February- get some learning, you have a more concrete idea of what is happening but you need some more information go get it. also seek connections, nature, spiritual, friends. you have choices to make about how to live, what to focus on-seek help if you don't know what to choose.

March- actions taken in this month will pay off quickly-but not necessarily in  money. plant things in your garden or on a porch so that as you grow you can see how nature does it. don't be afraid of risk or what will show up-it's all about showing up and being willing to take the ride.

April-whew a break to shore up wonkiness and create even better systems. if you are pushing too hard or trying to force things to change, grow or manifest LET GO. everything comes faster when you love it enough to allow it to show up in it's own way in it's own time.

May-find people with whom to share your journey-seek out knowledge and information and ask for help from others and/or the divine. take some time away from your daily routines to recharge your batteries. explore nature, get out into the wild-the crazy, lonely wild where there are actual stars and no cell phone reception. breathe in the world and she will reward you.

June-more choices to be made. figure out whats working from your plan and what just isn't happening-then ditch the stuff that is taking up time, energy and space or joyfully hand it off to someone else. face the truth about your self and your limits-it's ok that you can't do everything that is what all the other people on this planet are for-get others involved.

July-wheeee! now that you've freed up all that energy watch thing flow! savor, plant more seeds, rest, and ride the wave.

August- you do know that love is the strongest energy in the universe right. this is why despite all the horrid things that are happening around the planet we can still wake up, smile at the sun, enjoy a meal and not just curl up and die. stop trying to make things change, just be and live the change and the world will eventually catch on. seriously. transformation is imminent but right now your still slogging through the mud.

September-ahhh that beautiful little ego wants us to change and change we shall, but first we rest-things have culminated in some serious endings and before we can begin again we must come back into the body and rekindle our own flame. if we are not burning bright how can we help light others. you first, then others.

October-oh the times they are a changing.  seek balance, good food, friends, and many good long soaks in the tub. you are an artist here to create, stop living in shadow and let out your light.

November-yikes tempting to give in to the mass hysteria don't do it. WAKE UP. the world needs people who have come alive and are willing to throw everything they know out the window and start again. don't listen to the crazy. and vote-because i have a feeling that this could be bad if we just sit on our asses.

December-since the likely-hood of the world ending is well-microscopic-the structures as we know them are about to all fall down. like child's blocks. there is no way to prepare for this other than live the best you can and open to your vulnerability and genius. is this gonna be hard? YES. is this gonna be amazing and beautiful? YES.

you want to know how to get through it? you learn how to play because the best part about building things with your mountain of blocks when you are a kid is getting to knock them down at the end. play hard this year and build play into every single thing you do-it will save you.

there will be so much more information coming up about this but know this december 2011 is a time of transformation and stepping into 2012 will be easier because of the re-arrangement that will occur this month.

already that's it for now! go start dreaming and planning how to make things happen.